Arrival in London

Arrived in London. The plane ride over was perfect in terms of timing – I left SFO on a red eye to Newark, New Jersey, didn’t sleep well but had full sunshine on the entire plane ride over to London so, even though I arrived in London at 9:00pm local time which was around noon California time I felt more than ready to crash for the next 12 hours or so. I was pleasantly surprised and very grateful to see Ketan’s face when I walked off the airplane and out of security, fully ready to take the then-mystifying tube network in a city that I had never visited before. Ketan and his Mum kindly gave me a ride back to their house just south of Kensington Gardens. They had the cutest little cutout sign saying “Welcome, Scotty!” on the dining room table and a bowl full of classic British Trifle that made me feel right at home – or, at very least, welcome in my new home.


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