Day 2, Ahujas

Jet Lag does wonders on the first night. I woke up today at half past noon, feeling as though I had just woken up at my usual 8am wake up back in Utah. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only late-riser. Ketan, his brother, and his brother’s friend had all traveled around Spain for the three days preceding my arrival. In fact, we both came home on the same day. As it turns out, we all slept in until noon. Ketan’s Mum was surprised with our lingering adolescence and, unfortunately, prepared breakfast for a non-existent crowd of boys. She was dear and forgiving enough, however, to give us a second chance with brunch: she made the most delicious lunch-party-esque sandwiches with meats and fish and a tasty mystery sauce. After lunch, I followed Ketan to get his haircut (which was well done, I must say, despite what he describes as “The Difficulties of Cutting Asian Hair”). The afternoon following was slow and relaxing as I caught my bearings in the new country. Jashan (Ketan’s Brother), Matt Christensen (Jashan’s friend from Cornell), and I talked about their past adventures and future adventures; Jashan will be beginning work soon at IBM, Matt Christensen will be heading off to Med School after studying Applied Physics as an Undergraduate, and Ketan will be starting work this summer as a Law Intern in London. Dinner was followed by watching a match from the EuroCup (I don’t recall exactly which match it was, but I’m sure you could find it if you looked up ’06/21/2012 Eurocup’ online). I spoke with Matt for a while after dinner about Bioengineering and Biodesign and the balance between research, engineering, and practical medicine. It seems as though he’s more on the engineering side, particularly because most research in Medicine is less exciting sociological/clinical research trials, but wants to maintain his practice after he graduates. Which will be in another 5+ years. Oh Medical School…


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