Day 4 (Day 1 at the London Center)

Today was the second attempt to catch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Although we may have had to cut things a little short because of another late wake-up, we were still able to catch the last 10 minutes of redcoats and fanfare. We made our way from Buckingham Palace to the grand ‘ol Trafalgar Square where there was a concert called WestEndLive in which all of the musicals from the West End were performing live – and for free – in front of the National Gallery. Making our way up the stairs was a tad difficult as the Jersey Boys are designed to hold a man’s attention with flashy costumes, gorgeous harmonies, and smiling faces, but after a couple lulls and a few reminders from the staff we made our way to Rembrandt and Van Dyke. The paintings were incredible, though we had not more than a meager three hours to pass through all 26 rooms of them. As our minds faded and passed control over to our stomachs, we made our way out of the gallery to a cheap chinese noodle place with delicious noodles, chicken, and what seemed like a healthy dose of MSG. If you can imagine that. Chinese noodles unfortunately led us to our last goodbye as we visited Ketan’s house one last time where I packed my belongings and rode, by generous offer, with Mrs. Ahuja to the BYU London Centre. Or what I thought was the BYU London Centre. For whatever reason, I was absolutely convinced that the London Centre was located at 26 and 28 Palace Court. I arrived with baggage in hand, rung the doorbell to the flat (multiple flats, actually), waited, repeated, and only after bothering the residents to the point of madness received the unexpected reply that there was no BYU London Centre at 26 nor 28 Palace Court. As it turns, the Centre is at 27 Palace Court. I made my way to the Centre, listened to a Fireside from the Bishop of the local British branch, and settled down for the night.



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