Um Ninho de Mafagafos com Muitos Mafagafinh​os. O Primeiro que Desmagafiz​ar, Bom Desmagafiz​ador Será

Last Preparation Day/E-mail Day in the MTC! Wooh!

I will be heading out to the “Campo Missionário” on Tuesday morning. I’ll become an official minister for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with the privilege of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the denizens of Pernambuco! (There are three city/state flags I like – the California state flag, the Chicago city flag, and the Pernambuco state flag…to be honest I’ve never actually seen the Chicago city flag, I’ve just heard about it on “99% Invisible“, the second best podcast out there, just behind Radiolab, and there was a whole episode devoted to the Chicago city flag. I had an image in my head from the podcast but that’s about it.)


Here is my new mailing address:

Elder Scott Lanyon Fleming
Brazil Recife Mission
Rua São Francisco 110 Sala 102
52010-020 Paissandu-Recife-PE

If you send letters to the MTC address (or are worried because you already sent letters to the MTC address), don’t worry! They will forward all my mail to the Mission Home in Recife.

(Also, I’m looking for stories – stories of faith, stories of how you have been blessed by keeping the Law of Chastity, the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of Tithing. Also, how you have been blessed by keeping any of the commandments in Lesson 4 of Chapter 3 of Preach my Gospel. Any and all stories are welcome and helpful.)

It feels like only yesterday that I landed in São Paulo trying to pull my Spanish on unsuspecting bystanders. I have officially graduated to Portañol. Actually, at this point I’ve pretty much lost all my Spanish. Almost every empty filing cabinet in my brain labeled “Spanish” has been crossed out, relabeled, and filled with different contents. Which was perfect for Monday.

Monday was our first proselyting day! That means that my companion and I had the privilege of wandering the streets of São Paulo looking for people who might be interested in our message. My companion, Elder Greenwood, and I went around handing out copies of the Book of Mormon and sharing the happy news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (see etymology for the word “Gospel“).

This is the testimony I left in every Book of Mormon I handed out:

Querido Amigo –

Estou tão feliz por poder compartilhar este Livro de Mórmon com você. O Livro de Mórmon é outro testamento de Jesus Cristo. Ele ensina o evangelho de Jesus Cristo (3 Néfi 27:13-33) e conta a história da vinda de Jesus Cristo às Américas (3 Néfi 11). O Livro de Mórmon responde às perguntas de nossas almas, como “por que estamos aqui na terra?” (Alma 34) e “para onde iremos após a morte?” (Alma 40). Também nos mostra a maneira que podemos encontrar paz e alegria nesta vida (Alma 36, Mosias 4). Eu amo este livro. Eu sei que este livro é verdadeiro. Te prometo que, se você ler este livro, ponderar em seu coração a mensagem que ele contém, e perguntar a Deus, em nome de Jesus Cristo se o livro é verdadeiro, você sentirá e saberá, pelo poder do Espírito Santo, a veracidade e divindade deste livro.

I love you all! I hope this message finds you well!

-Elder Fleming-


One comment

  1. Mike field

    Elder Flemming, I very much enjoy your blog, I hope those manual stick shifts skills I taught you come in handy on your mission. God speed.

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