Trying to Save Lives in a Different Way…

This week was an interesting one. I gave my first talk in Portuguese in our ward, we found a new investigator who already has a confirmation of the Book of Mormon, we visited the temple, and I almost started CPR on an unconscious young man.

I have limited time, so I’ll start with the most interesting story, which is the last. My companion and I passed by a young man who seemed to be sleeping or really dizzy or really hot. We couldn’t really tell which of the three it was, but, as we passed by, someone mentioned that the police had come (referring to us—they thought we were the police), so we figured it was best to evacuate the premises. As we left for our next commitment, I felt like I should go back and help. We went back some minutes later and the whole scene had changed. There were three times the number of people there were originally, there was more commotion, more talking, more movement, and someone was screaming hysterically. I mentioned in broken Portuguese that I knew CPR, dropped my backpack, and knelt next to the young man. He was about 20 years of age and bare-chested, which, fortunately, made looking for movement and breathing easier. He was quite clearly unconscious. I didn’t see any movement suggesting breathing and couldn’t feel a pulse originally so I put my hands on his bare chest in preparation to start CPR but stopped to check for breathing one more time. That was a good choice. He was breathing. I can’t tell if he started breathing when I put my hands on him or if he was breathing the whole time, but I imagine that, at the very least, nobody noticed he was breathing until that moment because there was a sigh of relief when everybody realized he was breathing. The mother, however, remained hysterical, and rightly so. Her son had been lying there unconscious for some time and still wasn’t moving or showing any sign of response. I’ve never seen someone truly hysterical. There really was nothing we could do to calm her down. I positioned the young man’s head/airway appropriately to make breathing easier. His breaths seemed to deepen. We loaded him into the back of a neighbor’s car, a small station wagon about the size of a VW Bug, There was room for the young man if we bent his knees and a girl to hold his head. They took him to the hospital. I’m not exactly sure what happened after that, but we’ll visit the house soon and check up on him. The mission brings all kinds of new experiences.

Sorry about the short email.

More to come about our investigator and the Sunday talk on Monday when we have our next P-Day.

I love you all. God lives. He sent his son Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith and we can receive testimony of such through the Book of Mormon. Thomas S. Monson leads the restored Church of Jesus Christ today as a prophet.

-Elder Fleming-


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