A Christmas Miracle

I’m a little short on time, but I bring good news! Lydia and her son were baptized! To date, Lydia has dropped alcohol, friends that encouraged her to drink alcohol, boyfriends that tried to convince her that she should forget the idea of living a chaste life outside of marriage, erased profane music on her iPhone, and has continued steadfast in reading the Book of Mormon and praying everynight individually and as a family. She has established a pattern of reading a chapter from the Bible and a chapter from the Book of Mormon with her son. She gets visits almost every day from members in the ward and she has absolutely no regrets about changing her life completely to follow Jesus Christ. The story is much more profound and interesting than what I’ve written here, but I’ll try to summarize better this baptism and the baptism marked for next Sunday in my next email.
Much love to you all, and holler out to those young women who have received their mission calls in the wake of the age-change for mission eligibility! So far, I’ve heard of Jackie Clark and Lauren Barden. Anyone else?
Much love to all, and Merry Christmas!



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