Week One With the Greenie


Well Howdy!

I’m afraid this week has caught me a little by surprise. We landed back in our area midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. My companion didn’t have time to unpack because we hit the ground running. He’s patient AND excited, the two of which add up to a powerful one-two punch. He studied accounting before the mission. He’s timid, but a man of faith. And he speaks Portuguese. Which helps. A lot. He’s from the South. Rio Grande do Sul. Second gaucho as a companion, third companion from the south. Boo yah.


We had another miracle this week. We went to all of our commitments one night, but nobody was home. Nighttime is an abnormally difficult time to make contacts, but I felt impressed to stop by a house on our way home and knock on the door. I followed the impression. A man opened, a little surprised. I explained we were missionaries and that I had felt impressed to stop by. He said his brother had died recently. We taught the Plan of Salvation. Out of time to write more right now, but his family ran the crime ring here in Garanhuns. His family name was known and feared. And now, maybe he’ll turn Mormon?

Until next time!

– God Bless –

-Elder Fleming-


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