Sometimes things don’t always go your way. This week was one of those times. But the funny part about those times is that it seems as if you do your part – if you work diligently in faith and prayer – the Lord always brings blessings. Often, those blessings are different than you expect. Nevertheless, they always come. We were priveleged to be able to teach faithfully and continually throughout the week, finding ~20 new people to teach, teaching 5-6 lessons a day. But, come Sunday, it seemed that our efforts and lessons and faith and prayers had come to naught.

We had talked with 20+ people that were commited and excited to come to church, including 2-3 families. Saturday, we visited a handful of them and they all seemed to still be committed and excited to go to church. They all had individual reasons and personal motivations for going to church. They felt the light and power of the Comforter. 9h00 Sunday morning my companion and I waited in front of the chapel, hoping to greet them, but…nobody came. Not one new investigator we taught this week came to church.

We ran from the chapel to the other side of our area (a 40-50 minute walk that we made in 25 plus another 25 for the return trip) looking for our investigators. One was sick with the flu, another left for his father’s house on the farm, the other traveled unexpectedly to a neighboring city to visit their husband/father. We came back to the chapel, practically running, discouraged and dissappointed, wondering what we had done wrong during the week to bring on this kind of curse. But, when we arrived in the Gospel Principles class, where all of the visitors and new members meet at 10h00, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of our investigators I had almost lost hope in, one of our investigators that probably walked the most difficult path (both physically and emotionally), had come to church. It’s hard for me to describe the type of relief and joy that come in a situation like that. Sometimes the Lord blesses us in ways we don’t expect. Sometimes the blessings don’t come for some time. But always – always – the blessings come. I’ve learned on the mission that nothing really happens as chance. I’ve learned to look for the lesson in every success and every failure. Every “coincidence” manifests the hand of God in our work.

Faith, I think, is doing the right thing even though the blessings haven’t come yet. Hope is believing that they’ll come.

I’d like to think that I have faith in my Savior, though I know I’m far from where I ought to be. But I do have hope. I believe fully and unabashedly in the promise of redemption through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. I stand by Paul’s proclamation to the Romans, that, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth”.

The Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ lives.

He is faithful to his word.

May we follow His example and be faithful in ours.

I love you all dearly.

Have a wonderful week.

-Elder Fleming-


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