A Reference, A Friend, A Family

Continuing in the spirit of the last email (that oftentimes the blessings we look for often don’t come in the ways we expect), we had an interesting week this last week, in that we’ve been opening up a wealthier part of our area. Just about everybody in the area has an intercom in place of a doorbell. That means that just about nobody comes to the door when we knock. It’s been slow, arduous work, with very few results and quite a few rejections. I’ve found myself plagued with doubt at times, wondering if it’s really worth it to continue working in the area, wondering if there’s a single person who will accept our message. But about 1 in 25 doors has a person who lets us in, about 1 in 50 is a family, and those families make all of our work worthwhile.

We recently received a reference from a recent convert on the coast. Her name is Camila and she’s about as special as they come. She reminds me a lot of my sister Alex. She’s engaged, bubbly, social, and loves every part about the church. She especially loves the temples. Her cousin, a recent convert who gave us her name and address as a reference, has been showing her all the cool things on lds.org and mormon.org. Camila is engaged to a medical student, which I imagine must be difficult, given that she is currently unemployed and not in school (though she’ll start college in August). When we arrived to her house the first time, she greeted us warmly and, as we conversed in those first moments, lo and behold her fiancé walked in. He also has been looking for the “right path” for some time and was animated and engaged in hearing the message of the Restoration. The male fiancé, Anderson, is a thinker – a quieter type but very gentle and ambitious. When we invited them to get baptzed, Camila said, “We’ll get baptized, won’t we, amor?”. Anderson smiled and more or less shook his head in the affirmative. They’re both incredible and will be a powerful force in our ward.

I’ve been learning to work, negotiate, plead, and most importantly thank the Lord in prayer. Every day, I feel I grow closer and closer to the Lord, though I am yet far from where I ought to be. At very least, I feel I’ve moved from wanting to be obedient to the Lord as a means of being blessed to wanting to obedient for the sake of being obedient. That is to say, the process and significance of repentance – of changing my heart and actions to be more in harmony with will of the Lord – is slowly distilling upon my soul.

I feel so priveleged to be here.

To be one of God’s children.

And to be friend, sibling, and son to all of you.

Thank you for your prayers and kind words.

God Bless

-Elder Fleming-


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