When life gives you lemons, make Sprite?


I’ve been transferred once again, this time to an area very much like my first area. The ward is quite small, with about 25 people in each Sacrament Meeting. The meetinghouse is far away from our area of work. And, the area has a history of very few lessons and very few baptisms. The situation is pretty much just how it was when I arrived in Jardim América. But, this time, there is a difference. I’m the Senior Companion. This means, more or less, that I can choose exactly how many lessons we will teach (a lot), how many people we will contact every day (a lot), and how many hours we will work each day (almost all of them). 🙂 I do feel, however, as though the Lord is trying to teach me a lesson that I failed to learn in my first area. I think that lesson has a lot to do with how to lead from the front and not from behind. I’ve been placed with a kind and loving companion who, it seems, has lost some of the animation and excitement of the mission. I need to learn how to help us as a companionship work and enjoy work. I need to learn to show love as a means of obtaining results instead of demanding results outright. Life gave me lemons. I would make lemonade, but that would be too easy.


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