A Flood (With a Rainbow)



I’m afraid I have but a moment to write to everyone today, but I just wanted to drop a line and let you all know that I’m doing just dandy. We did a little mix up in our Zone this Week called “Operation Baptism” in which all the missionaries went to one area in our zone per day. It was a fun opportunity to get to know the other missionaries and see the wide variety of teaching styles. It’s interesting how people can talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in so many different ways. I feel very blessed to lead such an awesome district.

In other news, I went to interview a baptismal candidate in another area. He was called in to work (he works for the army) and we spent that night tromping around in what seemed to be the entire Atlantic Ocean falling down on our heads. The streets looked more like Rattlesnake Rapids than an asphalted thoroughfare. A light pole fell down in front of us, with sparks and light (then less light). I took it as a pretty clear sign we should move in a different direction. Part of me felt like getting discouraged, but I also felt a lot of hope. God always has a reason for these things. We just have to trust that he knows best.

Sunday night, I felt impressed to stop by a random door we were passing by. It was one of the more distinct “inspiration moments” I’ve had on the mission. I felt impressed to ask the woman who opened the door about the status of her relationship with God. She said she had stopped going to church because she didn’t really love the church she was attending and felt rather distant from God. She also said she was looking to find a different church and rebuild her faith. She said she will be at church this next Sunday, without a doubt.

I love you all dearly and I wish you the best in your state-side (or far-side) endeavors.

-Elder Fleming-


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