Movers and Shakers

This week was a week of a lot a lot of walking. We’ve been running after our references we got from the Open House we held in the chapel. They live all over the place. We climb up the mountains, down the mountains, using stairs, back-trails, and a lot of questions to the locals. They say that 2 years on the mission is worth 20 normal years. I always thought they meant that I was supposed to mature quickly or grow more emotionally sensitive or something. Now I realize they were talking about my creaky old joints.

We’ve been teaching one woman we found doing street contacts. It was a hot muggy afternoon and my companion and I had been kind of discouraged with the result of our efforts, but we decided to do contacts. We felt we should climb a certain hill close to our chosen path and as we came up to a little road on the shoulder, we saw a woman sitting on the curb. It was just her and her child, waiting patiently for – nothing… It was literally as though they had just felt they should go outside and wait for something to pass by. We talked to her about the church and baptism and she said she wanted to get baptized. So we’ve been helping her understand more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. She’ll get baptized this next week.

Our ward is on fire right now. Frequency has been growing. Every Sunday there are more and more white shirts which leaves us as missionaries with a beaming glow throughout the week. It’s great to have responsible men and families in the work of the Lord.

God Bless
-Elder Fleming-

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