“Touching Organs” and other fun Idiosyncratic Brazilian-isms

So this week was my week to fill out the Zone Report. Needless to say, I had much less time than I hoped. But in any case, I sent some photos from our most recent baptism.

This week we were without light and water in our chapel from Monday – Saturday. Needless to say, by Saturday we were getting a little antsy about filling up the baptismal font so we could baptize Richard (photos below). We planned to go to a nearby chapel in another area (a 15 minute bus ride away) but they were also left without water on Sunday. They called in a water truck, but someone left the water tap open and when water came it was pretty much pitch black. But the baptism happened. The enemy works hard. We work harder.

Richard Baptism Elders

Richard Baptism Family 1

Another fun week in Beberibe Brazil! There was another funny moment in this weeks teachings. One of our investigators asked “Quem é que toca o órgão lá em frente da capela?”. The translation would be “Who plays the organ in the front of the chapel?”. The problem is that “Tocar” can be translated “to touch (as in palpating with a finger)” and “to play (as in an instrument)”. And órgão can be translated as a kidney or an expensive wind instrument resembling a piano. In any case, the wife was a little weirded out at first but it all worked out.

A couple of links for your enjoyment:

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