Correndo Atrás

There’s a phrase in Portuguese, “Correndo Atrás”, which literally translated means “Running Behind”. That’s more or less been the story of these last two weeks in Área Beberibe, Recife, Brasil.

This last week was one of the fastest, most fun, most action packed, and productive weeks yet on the mission. This Sunday at church we had 10 investigators (and about 15 visitors) who visited church. We hustled about, coordinating who would sit with who, where the visitors would go, making sure their needs were met and then went to “Correr Atrás” those who still hadn’t shown up yet. At one point, Elder Sanchez and I were on the second floor of our mini-chapel. I was making calls and Elder Sanchez was looking for investigators. One of the men we had taught walked in front of the gate and passed by, so Elder Sanchez got his running legs on and went to “Correr Atrás”, quite literally, the unsuspecting non-visitor. He said he would swing back by. Never did, but… What can ya do? We had a baptism to coordinate right after sacrament meeting and two confirmations to coordinate during. Sunday afternoon, we went to talk to one of the visitors who came to church, talked to her mom about baptism, received the mom’s support and signature, and marked one more baptism for this next sunday. The week wrapped up with more and more excited members and two happy, tired elders. Elder Sanchez and I are pooped.

We’re teaching and dividing so much with the members that I didn’t teach this last baptism we had once during the week before she was baptized. That’s not to say she wasn’t taught–she was taught some 4 or 5 times in the week before her baptism to clear doctrinal points, follow up, and make sure everything was okay. It is to say that E. Sanchez and I divided so much during the week with missionaries from other areas and members from our ward that I personally didn’t see that front of our area. We more or less have two sets of missionaries working in our area between E. Sanchez and I, even though only two missionaries live there. People get kind of confused. They meet my companion and a member, and then I show up with a different missionary for the follow-up appointment. But. It works out. The investigators are more or less coming to get to know our entire ward before getting baptized.

The rhythm is exhausting but addicting. We’re fasting several times a month now, and our zone is following suit. One of our last fasts was particularly difficult given that we started the fast with a heavy meal of Dobradinha (Leftover cow parts with beans). But the work goes on.

Our family investigators, Maurício and Rosemery, said they “already knew the church was true”, they’re just waiting for something special. The bishop is going to take them to the temple grounds. That’ll be something special.

-Elder Fleming-


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