Well now. It appears the Lord has blessed us this week with another handful of blessings.

This week we started out with one marked baptism – a little fireball named Talita. We met Talita knocking doors. When we knocked on her door, she answered, and we chatted for a little at the doorstep about God’s plan for us and the importance of baptism. We marked a return date. The next time we met, she had read some of the material we had given her, so we continued teaching. When we brought her to church, she just went nuts. She talked to everyone, made friends with all of the young women, got to know the seminary teacher, came back for ward choir Sunday night, went to Family Home Evening in the house of a member on Monday night, and then went to seminary Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. Saturday I ran into her doing a mini-division. She was hanging out in the city with a couple other friends she had met in our ward. After the first Sunday she went to church, we gave her a “For the Strength of Youth Manual”. She broke up with her boyfriend, explaining that she was going to get baptized and couldn’t date until she was 16. This Sunday she was baptized (the second time she went to church) and the Young Women’s leader gave her modest clothing to use on Sundays and during the week. She squealed, smiled, and hugged the Young Woman’s leader. Sometimes, investigators just get it.

The second of our baptisms was Rosemery, the wife of the family I have been talking about. She has gone to church several times, every time taking along Lívia, the little bundle of blessings. In the beginning of the week, we shared a lesson with her about the Word of Wisdom. She mentioned that she tried Pero/Cevada (Coffee substitute) once but didn’t love it. We decided to make it in a way that she would like it. We made Cevada, ate biscuits and bread and cheese, and celebrated by throwing the remains of the coffee in the house down the sink, he he he…

The next lesson we had, I brought the brilliant family photo album that I received in the mail (see picture attached). There were pictures of almost all the temple weddings that had taken place in our family. She thoughtfully leafed through the pictures. At the end, she turned to me and said, “It looks like your family is really happy”. I explained that happiness comes from living the principles of the gospel at home – that faith, repentance, humility and forgiveness are the basic building-blocks of a family eternally happy and unshakeable. She mentioned that after we had mentioned temple marriage, she had thought several times about what it would be like to get married in the temple.

She said to us, “I want to be happy. My friends tell that I’m crazy to leave my other life behind. They always tell me that I need to go out and party and drink with them to be happy, but I don’t believe it. I want to leave the world behind and follow the path I know is right”. We explained that the desire she felt was the desire to follow Christ’s gospel. She agreed. This Sunday, after four months of a long struggle, and prayers, and fasting, and many, many lessons, Rosemery was baptized. Her husband said he will soon follow.

The Third baptism was Mayara. I’ll pass more info about her in the next week’s update.

One more too..

-Elder Fleming-

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