It’s my BIRTHDAY!!

Scotty most definitely would not announce his birthday on his blog, but given the fact that he doesn’t manage his blog, but rather his wonderful and benevolent older sister (I can write that), I wanted to give everyone the heads up that Scotty’s birthday is coming up next week on September 11th (yes, his birthday is on 9-11). He will be checking his email on Monday, September 9, and I know he would be overjoyed to receive some brief (note the word brief, he only has an hour to check email a week) birthday messages in his inbox the week of his birthday (email:, or even better yet, some letters in the mail, even if they arrive a couple weeks late. You can find Scotty’s address in the sidebar on the right under his darling picture where it says, “Write Me!” He loooooves mailed letters. Send Elder Fleming some love!

Scotty Birthday New


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