A Quick Update

I always feel ambivalent about writing words or photos but I suppose this week is a picture week.

Stairs 1


Stairs 2


Stairs 3

Elder Sanchez and I are starting to feel the heat in a fourth week without a baptism but we found a few promising investigators that should work out well over the next couple of days.

One of them I found in a division with a quiet Peruvian I did a companion exchange/division with on Tuesday. His name is Elder Goncalez. He just barely turned 18. I just barely turned 22. But age isn’t as much of a barrier as I thought it would be. We were walking and almost all of our commitments had fallen through. We were a little lost and asked for directions. We continued on, inviting the women to visit the church and she went! Ex-Baptist. Cool cool.

On Thursday, we had three marked commitments at night and all three of them fell through. We were just exhausted and a little disappointed and discouraged. As Elder Sanchez and I stood for a brief moment trying to recuperate we decided to just knock the door in front of us. It was a great lesson! God teaches us great lessons, too.

Our best investigators are those we find when we are in our most desperate of moments.

A friend sent a quote to me that said,
“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.”
I believe it to be true. Interpret as you will.
Pancakes 3

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