As many of you heard from the brief snippet I sent last week, I’m back to the moon in the most “interior” zone of our mission. It’s about 5 hours travel in total from the office to where we’re stationed in the Boa Vista Ward.

As my responsibilities get bigger and bigger with respect to the zone and as our mission president cracks down more and more on the 1 hour in the LAN-House (cyber cafe)(to send reports, weekly letter to the president, and write to family) I’m having less and less time to write, but I appreciate all the fun stories I hear from y’all.

I’ve been placed with an Argentinian companion, Elder Quinteros. Elder Quinteros reminds me a lot of my brother Adam. He’s witty, likable, he explains things clearly and carefully, with a couple of laughs in between. We go running together 3 times a week. It’s been wonderful feeling like I’m literally working with my brother these last days. Though there have been several times where I’ve really missed the true Adam Fleming… I’ve been thinking about him a lot as I see and remember his “jeito” through my current companion.

All of our investigators and members adore him, which has helped a lot in our work. We’re teaching a handful of more “difficult” investigators – relatives of members who have been cold to the reception of other missionaries but are just now opening up to Elder Quinteros (and I). I’ve come to understand the importance of developing a relationship of trust and love as a basis for teaching gospel principles. At the end of the day, it is the Spirit who teaches and testifies and we are simply conduits of that Spirit. That being said, it is much easier for the Spirit to testify when the teacher and student are in harmony and the atmosphere is one of trust, peace, and love. I’ve so much to learn as a missionary. Thank heavens I have a little more time left. Still, I’m starting to feel the heat. Someone told me, “You only have 10 months left?! You’re almost gone already!” I couldn’t believe it! The way I see things, I’m just starting!

Elder Quinteros is in his last weeks as a missionary. This is his very last transfer. He’ll head out a little early, on the 12th of November, to see his brother’s wedding and, as such, I will be put with a new companion. I’ve been trying my darndest to get a mental image of our area and memorize the names of the 120+ members, knowing that here in about a week I’ll be the “Senior ZL” in our area. Luckily, our ward is a powerhouse.

The first day, I saw the Relief Society Presidency doing visits, we met with the First Counselor of the Bishopric who indicated some people for us to visit, and in the first week we must have had 4+ meetings with various leaders in the ward. Everyone is excited to work and bring new people to church. It’s great. It also helps that the area has a history of strong missionaries, being that it is the area of the Zone Leaders. The members put a lot of trust in the missionaries and as such the work should pick up here in a little bit.

I love you all dearly.

Until next time.
-Elder Fleming-

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