Last Week in Zona Casa Amarela

I’ll try to sum up the last week that I missed with y’all.

In Elder Sanchez’s and my last week in Casa Amarela, we finished strong with 2 baptisms. One was Maurício, the husband of Rosemery and Father of Lívia, the ward’s mascot. The other was Everton, a young buck, 12 years of age, who comes from an interesting family but has a burning passion for the gospel and has “Caught The Wave” with respect to the missionary spirit.

First, Maurício. Those who have followed my emails know that Maurício has been a long-term project in our ward. We found him in my first week in Casa Amarela. He had pulled up to our apartment complex on his moto with his wife and they were pulling out all of their groceries from inside the little space they had in the motorcycle seat. We offered to help, given that he had his motorcycle helmet in one hand, the baby in the other, and groceries kind of all over the place. We helped a little bit and then asked if we could pay a visit to them later on in the week. He hesitated a bit and then accepted. It was beautiful. From that moment, 4 months later, I think every member of the ward counsel has visited their house, and there have been a handful of reactivations as less-active members have been invited to teach with us and hearts have been touched by the prospect of a family being sealed in the gospel. Rosemery has led us to handful of other family members, a handful of whom went to church this last sunday. It’s been a beautiful display of the Lord building a family and a family rebuilding a ward. My last Sunday in Casa Amarela was Maurício’s baptism.

The second, Everton, had his own little story. We found Everton like we find a lot of our investigators. We were knocking doors and on that particular day, we ran into Everton’s Mom. She said that her brother had recently (as in, that very week) married in the Mormon Church and was on track to get baptized. It was eerie how inconsequential the whole situation was. The Mom has a tendency to practice Macumba, which is…well…witchcraft, more or less. It’s an old slave tradition/religion in Brazil. Needless to say, the Mom has tendencies that veer a little bit away from Christian traditionalism, but she is open-minded. She mentioned that we should teach her son and we happily accepted. Everton has been a little fire-ball ever since we first met him. He has led us to all his friends and tells them they should all go to church with him. We have found a handful of families and other young men as a result of his excitement and diligence. He was all smiles. It was really difficult to tell him I would be leaving that same day.

But now, I’m in the Boa Vista Ward, back in Garanhuns! More to come soon…


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