Another Hurried Letter, but…

I’m sorry about not sending a general letter this last week. We’re running like chickens with their heads mostly on here in Zona Paulista, Area Paratibe.

I had an interesting experience this last week doing a division with my “Grandson”. In other words, I trained Elder Bochi, Elder Bochi trained Elder Cuevas and this last week Elder Cuevas and I did a division. It was kind of eerie. All the techniques and ways to explain things and idiosyncrasies that slowly surged and developed during my time with Elder Bochi were present in the teaching of Elder Cuevas. It was like teaching next to my clone, launched in a time capsule to where I am now. He teaches much better than I did when I had his time on the mission, so that’s a difference. But, regardless, it was a fun experience. He would be a great companion. Who knows…

There was another tender mercy near the end of the week when we were on our last legs. Elder Olpin and I have been doing our best to find new investigators and I just couldn’t take it anymore – we needed a family and a man. We met with Laercio descebnding the stairs to grab bath water.

-Elder Fleming-


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