Following my summer trip to London, I will be spending two years in Recife, Brazil on a proselyting mission for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I will be posting weekly updates of my experiences and adventures. Come along and follow me on my adventures! Or, if you really love me, send me a letter to:

Elder Scott L. Fleming
Missão Brasil, Recife
Rua das Ninfas 30
Boa Vista – Recife – PE

Photo Mar 20, 11 20 52 AM



  1. lizthorne

    Hi. My son, Adam Thorne, asked me to look you up on facebook and/or try to find your parents’ emails. Adam is on a mission in Alaska. He said that a bunch of you LDS guys from Stanford were planning to room together next fall (2013) and that you had arranged with some Stanford girls to do a room request. It appears that you will still be on your mission next year(?). I think that Adam doesn’t know that. Anyway, do you know anything about the room request and/or who is planning to do that? Do you have the contact info for the girl (or girls) that the rooming request info was left with? I will fill in my email below, but you can also email other missionaries. Adam’s contact info is athorne@myldsmail.net. Please let us know. Do you know the emails for any of the other Stanford guys that are on missions?

    Liz Thorne 509-448-4424, 509-999-8063

  2. Carole Fleming

    Liz, I don’t know if you can access this or not but this is Carole Fleming, Scotty’s mom. I think I can help with this. 650-862-1690

  3. Isabella Uria

    Scotty, This is Isabella from Andover/Stanford. You aren’t coming home (back to school) next year!? Is this true!? —By my exclamation points and question marks you should realize that I am very upset about this (even if that is selfish since you are having such an amazing experience). Please tell me there is a chance I will see you again before I graduate 😦

  4. afang21

    Scotty! I’m in a letter writing mood and am thinking of writing to you! I know you’ve been moving around a bit so if your address has changed please notify me! Much love. Anna

    • scottifer8

      Hi Anna,

      This is Michaela, Scotty’s sister. I’m maintaining the blog, as Scotty has very limited access to the internet. Although he’s been moving around, all mail is sent to the mission office, from which it is dispatched to wherever he is stationed at the time, so his address stays the same through his entire mission.

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